What Is My IP Address

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What is an IP address

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a 32-bit number that identifies the server (computer) connected to another server or Internet. It is used to communicate by transferring packets using TCP/IP.

An IP address can be static (fixed or permanent) or dynamic basis. Often a dynamic IP is assigned to the computer each time it is connected to the Internet, which means that usually after 24 hours or when it reconnects to the network, the computer receives a new IP address. A fixed (static) IP address never changes, even after a device reset. Also, private and public IPs are distinguished. With a public IP address, the computer connects directly to the network resources and is completely visible in the network. Such an address allows you to establish two-way connections without any restrictions, i.e. also to share your resources.

There are several types of IP address protocols: IPv4, IPv5 and Ipv6. The most common is the fourth version (Ipv4).

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