Week Number

What week of the year is it?
Today is 05 week of the year.
30-01-2023 - 05-02-2023
Today is January 31st 2023.
05 week out of 52 weeks this year.
31 day of 365 days this year.
Please enter a valid value (eg. 20, 31.01.2323)

About Week Number

The Week Number is an online tool that displays the current week number. You can also enter any number of the week to see what dates it refers to. Or maybe you are wondering what week number is related to a particular date? Just enter your date in the appropriate field.
Our tool uses week numbers that are defined according to the ISO 8601 standard.

Where is the week number used?

Weekly numbers are used in many workplaces. For example, when planning projects, holidays, etc. Some companies may, for example, declare that they will deliver goods in a particular week (not a particular day). By entering the number of that week in the field above you will know the exact dates it refers to. If someone requires you to enter the week's number and you know a specific day, just enter it in the field above.