VAT Calculator

VAT Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the gross amount based on the given net amount, and VAT rate. Conversely, the net amount is calculated based on the given gross amount, and VAT rate. Additionally, based on the calculated amounts (gross and net), and the VAT rate, the VAT amount is given. The amounts are calculated to two decimal places.

VAT rate

VAT definition

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax on goods and services (consumption tax). It is a value-added tax that is added to each transaction. VAT is an indirect tax, which means that taxpayers do not pay it directly to the tax office. It goes to the treasury indirectly, i.e. after the purchase of each good or service.
More about VAT you can read on Wikipedia page: Value-added tax.

VAT Calculator

To calculate the amounts we are interested in, please choose the type (net to gross or gross to net), put the VAT rate (for example 23) and enter the amount. After entering the amount you will see the result containing the following data: net, VAT rate, VAT amount, gross.

You can change the type, VAT rate and amount at any time. The result will be converted automatically. Quick, easy and clever.