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About Scale Calculator

This scale calculator allows you to automatically calculate actual sizes based on the scale and length given. It also allows you to calculate the scale from the given actual length and the scaled length.

How to use the scale calculator?

If you know the scale (e.g. 1:10), enter its value in the appropriate fields (Scale ratio). Then you can enter the actual length to know its value after scaling. Or vice versa, enter the value in the Size on map> field to know its actual length.

By default, sizes are given in meters, but there is no problem to give one length e.g. in kilometers and read the other length in feet.

In the fields with lengths, you have the option to select the unit in which you enter the lengths and in which they are displayed. You have a choice:

  • millimeter [mm]
  • centimeter [cm]
  • meter [m] (default)
  • kilometer [km]
  • inch [in]
  • feet [ft]
  • yard [yd]
  • mile [mi]
  • natural miles [nmi]

There is an open or closed lock mark (, ) near these two fields. A closed lock means that when you change the unit, the value that is entered in the field will not be converted. This is useful if, for example, you have made a mistake and have not selected the right unit before. If the lock is open , when you change the unit, the value in the field will be converted. This allows us to know the result of length in the units we are interested in and we don't have to convert them.
It may seem a bit complicated, but after a few attempts to use it, you will quickly understand what it is all about and start using our scale calculator according to your needs.

What if you do not know what scale ratio is used? No problem. Our calculator can also calculate the scale ratio from two lengths (real and scale - from the map). To calculate the scale ratio, click on the lock that is above the scale field so that it is closed . Then enter two lengths in the corresponding fields. The scale ratio will be calculated automatically. Now you just need to click on the lock icon again to be able to calculate the lengths from the scale ratio you just calculated.