RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB Converter


About RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB Converter

This online tool can convert color codes from RGB (red, green, blue) color system to HEX triplets and vice versa, convert color codes from HEX triplets color system to RGB (red, green, blue).

If you want to change the RGB color to Hex, enter the values (from 0 to 255) for each color in three fields above. If you want to convert Hex to RGB, enter the hexadecimal value of the color in the appropriate field. The results are converted automatically. There are also buttons available which allow you to copy the converted values to the clipboard.

A photo editing program usually presents color in RGB format, so if you want to use the colors you use in your photo editing program as a background for an Html element, you will need a hexadecimal representation of RGB values. This tool allows you to get these values.

About RGB and Hex colors

You can read about exactly what Hex and RGB color systems are on our Color Picker page or on Wikipedia pages: RGB color model, Hex triplet.

Colors and their codes in Hex and RGB

If you are looking for RGB or Hex codes such as yellow, red, green, black, pink, orange, the table below will certainly help you. It contains the name of the colors, its code in RGB and Hex.

# name RGB code Hex code
1 white 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
2 silver 192,192,192 #C0C0C0
3 gray 128,128,128 #808080
4 black 0,0,0 #000000
5 red 255,0,0 #ff0000
6 maroon 128,0,0 #800000
7 yellow 255,255,0 #ffff00
8 olive 128,128,0 #808000
9 lime 0,255,0 #00ff00
10 green 0,128,0 #008000
11 aqua 0,255,255 #00ffff
12 teal 0,128,128 #008080
13 blue 0,0,255 #0000ff
14 navy 0,0,128 #000080
15 fuchsia 255,0,255 #ff00ff
16 purple 128,0,128 #800080
17 pink 255,192,203 #FFC0CB
18 orange 255,165,0 #FFA500
19 brown 165,42,42 #A52A2A
20 gold 255,215,0 #FFD700