Random Name Picker

Who will be pick?

About Random Name Picker

Our online tool is used to draw one name or element from a list. Type, or paste your list to the field above and spin the wheel to see the winner.

How to use Random Name Picker?

First, you must enter the names, numbers, or other things in the box above. Each element must be separated by a new line. Once the list is entered, you must click on the Pick one button. The draw begins. The wheel will gain speed and slow down after a while. When it stops, the winner is displayed.
You can repeat the draw any number of times.
You can add more items (names) to the list or delete them.


Our Random Name Picker is the online tool easy to use and allows you to draw any item from the list. If you are missing an option here, please write using the contact page. We will try to expand our Random Name Picker.