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The percentage calculator is used to calculate percentage tasks quickly and easily. In a few seconds, you can e.g. find out how much the percentage is from the number. Our percentage calculator will tell you what percentage is a given number. You can also increase (add) or decrease (subtract) the number by a percentage (which you enter in an appropriate place). Calculating percentages with us is really easy. Enter the number in the appropriate box below and calculate the percentage you are interested in.

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Definition of the percentage

The percentage is one-hundredth of a certain size. So:

  • 1% of a given number is 1/100 of that number
  • a% of a given number is a/100 of that number

The definition of the percentage can also be read on the Wikipedia page: Percentage.

How to calculate percentages - explanation

Maybe you're asking yourself: how to calculate the percentage from the number on the calculator? Below you will find the answers to how to calculate the percentages yourself (using, among others, a calculator).

1. Calculating the percentage of a number

If, for example, you want to know how much 18% of 1234 is, use the following equation:
(a / 100) * b, where a is a percentage and b is the number for which we perform the calculation:
18% of 1234 is (18 / 100) * 1234 = 222.12

If, for example, you want to know how much 18% of 1234 is, use the following equation:
(a / 100) * b, where a is a percentage and b is the number for which the calculation is performed:
18% of 1234 is (18 / 100) * 1234 = 222.12

2. Calculating what percentage of one number is another number

(a / b) * 100

3. Calculation of percentage difference

The price differences in individual shops differ by several or several percents on the same products. To calculate how many percent difference in price per e.g. kilogram of potatoes in two different shops, use the formula:
((b – a) / a ) * 100
For example, in one store a kilogram of potatoes costs PLN 1.55 and in the other one PLN 1.78: ((1.78 – 1.55) / 1.55) * 100 = 14.84

4. How to increase the given number by a given percentage

Are you wondering how to tip the waiter? Like 10%? For example, let's assume that you just got a bill for 85 PLN. Use the following formula:
a * (1 + b/100)
So: 85 * (1 + 10/100) = 93.5

5. How to reduce a given number by a given percentage

The dress costs 230 PLN, but there is a plaque on the exhibition which says -15% for each dress. To quickly calculate how much the discounted dress will be, the price should be reduced by 15%. The formula that solves this task:
a * (1 – b/100)
230 * (1 – 15/100) = 195.5

Percentage calculator - examples of use

This calculator can be useful in everyday life. Example? Here are some of them:

  • Wondering how much to leave a tip in a restaurant for a dinner you just had with friends? Write the amount of the bill in the appropriate box (second from the bottom) and increase it by the percentage you write in the second box (e.g. 10, 15, etc). The result will appear automatically. Simple.
  • Or maybe you're playing the stock market and wondering how much percentage of the shares of the company you invested in has increased? Use the middle form and find out how much the percentage of the share price has increased (or decreased) compared to the current valuation.
  • Want to know how much your new phone will cost with a 5% discount? Enter the last form the amount for the phone (e.g. 825) and reduce it by the discount offered by the seller (e.g. 5). The result of the action will appear in the Result field (e.g. 783.75).
  • Knowing the amount after the discount and before the discount, you can find out how much the percentage of the discount is. To do this, use the third form Difference of a and b. Under the a base variable the amount before the discount and under the b variable the amount after the discount. The result will be the percentage of the discount or rebate.
  • Calculating the percentage from a number, what percentage of a given number is another number, if the percentage differs from the other number, increasing or decreasing the number by a given percentage (colloquially: adding and subtracting the percentage) are the basic activities that can happen to us in our everyday life. It is worth to know these basic formulas to know how to calculate these percentages. And if we don't have time for calculations, we can quickly use our percentage calculator, which will quickly do the appropriate calculations for us.
  • What about inflation? Prices keep going up. It's easy to calculate how much the price of a product or service has risen compared to the previous price. In this case, you should check what percentage number 'a' is different from 'b'.
  • Or do you want to know how much percentage you need to lose weight?
  • The percentage calculator presented here works very well on browsers in desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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As you can see, our percentage calculator can be useful in many situations. With us, the task of counting the percentage is a child's play. We are glad that you came to our website and used the tool prepared for you. We invite you to use our other calculators. We also hope that if you ever have to calculate a percentage from a number again, you will quickly come to our site, where you can find the percentage calculator.