Modulo Calculator

Modulo Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the rest of the division of two numbers.

Modulo - what is it?

Modulo is an operation to determine the rest of the division. It is the remainder after dividing one number by another.
This operation shall be recorded as follows: a mod d = r, where r is the remainder of the division a by d.

Example: 20 mod 3 = 2, because 20 / 3 = 6 with a remainder of 2. (6 * 3) + 2 = 18 + 2 = 20

About Modulo Calculator

To use our calculator you need to enter two numbers, the first number "a" is a dividend and the second, smaller number "n" is a divisor. The result will appear automatically. In this way, you can quickly get the result of a modulo 10 calculations.