MD5 online generator

MD5 - what is it?

MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a cryptographic algorithm developed by Ron Rivest (co-founder of RSA) in 1991 which generates a 128-bit digest from a string of data of any length.

The use of MD5

One of the uses of MD5 is to generate shortcuts of publicly available files, thanks to which the person who downloaded a given file from the network can immediately verify (by generating the MD5 shortcut on his copy and comparing the results) whether it is the same file that was posted by its author or whether there were no falsifications during the download process itself. The published value in this case is a 32-character hexadecimal number.

The important thing is that with the generated MD5 shortcut, we cannot reverse this process. It is also enough to slightly change the text or file to get a completely different shortcut.

For example, for string md5('Some simple string.') we will get b5396cd68fc6df2259f194e2a8ca18e0, but for md5('Some simple strings.') we will get 22a49014b1b818c9c687d7f9635c6380. We just changed the last letter in the sentence.

Generating an MD5 hash can be used to store e.g. user passwords in the database. It is important not to generate such shortcuts from a clean password. If such a database would fall into the wrong hands, passwords could be quickly guessed (or at least the simpler ones). To protect against this, a constant sequence of characters should be attached to the password during the generation of the MD5 hash, which will be kept secret.

How to use the MD5 online generator?

Using our MD5 generator is very simple. Enter or paste the text into the text field. Then click the Generate button. The generated MD5 shortcut will appear below.