Length Converter

Enter in the appropriate field the value of the length you want to change to another. The conversion to the other units will be automatic.

Metric measurements
Imperial / American measurements

Units of measurement

Currently, the basic unit of measure in the SI system is one meter. Most countries use the international system of SI units, but there are also countries such as the United Kingdom or the USA where another system, the Imperial / American measurements, is used. We can meet there with such names as inches, feet, yards, or miles. The use of different measurement systems can be quite troublesome, for example during travel, if we do not know what values are hidden under the units in these countries.

About Length Converter

Our length converter can quickly convert units such as meter, micrometer, millimeter, centimeter, decimetre, kilometer, inch, foot, yard, mile, and nautical mile.

You can choose with what accuracy the results will be displayed (how many decimal places they will have). The precision can be set between 0 and 5 decimal places.

When you enter a numeric value in any field, the results for the remaining units of length will be displayed automatically. For example, if you enter a value of 100 in the Meter [m] field, you will find that it is 109.36 yards.

How much is 1 meter [m] in different units?

For the metric system:

  • 1 meter [m] = 10000 micrometers [µm]
  • 1 meter [m] = 1000 millimeters [mm]
  • 1 meter [m] = 100 centimeters [cm]
  • 1 meter [m] = 10 decimetres [dm]
  • 1 metre [m] = 0,0001 kilometre [km]

for English units of measurement:

  • 1 meter [m] = 39.3700787 inches [in]
  • 1 meter [m] = 3,2808399 feet [ft]
  • 1 meter [m] = 1,0936133 yd [yd]
  • 1 meter [m] = 0.000621371192 miles [mi]
  • 1 meter [m] = 0.0005399999568 nautical miles [nmi]