How Much Paint Do I Need?

Paint Calculator

You need 9.00 liters

About Paint Calculator

If you ask yourself, how much paint do I need to paint the room? This paint calculator, if for you. Enter the height of the room, give the perimeter of the room (the sum of the lengths of all walls), enter the number of doors and windows. Enter the number of layers you plan to lay. Based on the data entered, you will get the result of how much paint you need. It will be given in liters or gallons.
Remember that the result is estimated. How much paint you need depends on many factors.

Assumptions used for calculation

To make the calculations simpler and not require a lot of data, we have made several assumptions that affect the final result.

  • paint yield - we assumed that the paint has a yield of 13 m2/l
  • the window area - 2.1 m2
  • door area - 1.9 m2
  • the ceiling and floor area is not taken into account