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About the Compound Interest Calculator

This compound interest calculator allows you to calculate (approximately) how much profit you will make by investing money in an instrument that has a fixed interest rate of return and the capitalization of interest is done regularly. Such an instrument can be bank deposits, where the capitalization of interest takes place e.g. every month. Investing money in such a deposit for several years we can see how beneficial it is to accrue interest every month. The strength of compound interest has a very beneficial effect on such an investment. And the longer we save, the more we can gain. This folding percentage calculator will allow you to see how much you can earn in this way. An additional option is to see how much we will earn by investing regularly additional amounts, e.g. every month at $100. If you are thinking about investing in the long term, this compound interest calculator will certainly help you to see how much you will be able to profit.

Compound interest - the formula

The compound interest is a method of interest on the cash contribution which consists of the fact that interest for a given interest period is added to the contribution (subject to capitalization) and thus "consists" of the profit generated in the following period. The amount of capital after a certain number of years of saving can be calculated from the formula:

Compound interest - the formula where:

  • Pn - capital accumulated after n years of saving
  • P - Initial capital
  • n - number of years of saving
  • r - interest rate per year (e.g. when we have 3% per year, then r=3)
  • c - number of capitalization during the year (e.g. for monthly capitalization we have c=12)

Saving with a compound percentage

Long-term savings/investment using a folding percentage gives you amazing benefits. If you have the opportunity, it is worthwhile to use this form of saving. With regular, additional deposits and a folding percentage after a few years, we will see a really pleasant amount of money. You can see how long you should save, e.g. for retirement, using the folding percentage calculator above. The chart shows perfectly well that the longer we save, the better the folding percentage will be.