CMYK to Panone® Converter

CMYK - set the color you want to convert
Hex code: #624c55

About CMYK to Panone® Converter

CMYK to Pantone® converter is a useful tool to help you find the color code from the Pantone palette based on the CMYK color. Once a logotype has been designed, the graphic designer may be asked to specify the colors as CMYK components and as a specific Pantone number. Finding the right color can be difficult and time-consuming. This tool should make it easier to get the Pantone from CMYK.

How to use CMYK to Panone® Converter

Enter the CMYK values in the appropriate fields (from 0 to 100), or use the sliders to set the color you want. It may happen that for selected data, no approximate color from the Pantone palette appears. T hen increase the distance between the colors (the default value is 32). To do this, use the select.

CMYK colour system

The CMYK scale is valid for printing, and its name is derived from the combination of the first letters of the basic colors of printing inks. These colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key color (black). The colors are set in the range of 0-100. This is the ink coverage from 0% to 100%. The mixing of colors takes place during printing, i.e. in fact the printer applies a maximum of four colors, but at different intensities.

Pantone (Color) Matching System (PMS)

Pantone (Color) Matching System (PMS) is a color identification system developed by Pantone inc. from the USA. The colors are numbered (e.g. 2352) with additional markings such as fluorescence, metallicity, etc. They are created by mixing 18 pigments (including white and black). Therefore their representation on the CMYK and RGB scales is not obvious. The Pantone pattern is a printing color and their color will always be the same regardless of the printing house and machine. The basic Pantone scale describes 1760 colors.

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