Character and Word Counter

Character and word counter allow for quick and automatic counting of words and characters in a text. Type or paste any text below and see how many words and characters it contains (both with and without spaces and other white characters).
The results will appear below the text box. Separately for the number of words, and the number of characters with spaces, and the number of characters without spaces.

Number of words:
Number of characters with spaces:
Number of characters without spaces:

Character and word calculator - examples of use

OOur tool will be useful for anyone who needs information about words and characters in the text. For example, if you are a copywriter, one of the requirements for creating a text is the number of words or characters.

Copywriters often give a rate of 1000 characters with spaces. Our calculator will quickly count how many exactly written text contains characters. This way, as a person ordering a text, you will be able to quickly check if it meets the requirements for the number of characters.

Or maybe your teacher has commissioned you to write a work that must contain a minimum number of words? Our clever tool will quickly tell you how many words your text contains. You can write it online and keep track of the progress of your work. Also, it's easy for the teacher to check if the work you've submitted contains a fixed number.

A lot of websites and mobile applications have limits for characters. You can check if your tweet has less than 280 characters. Or if Pinterest post have less than 495 characters.